Fort Wayne Party specialize in making people dance by working closely with our clients to create customized playlists that reflect their tastes. Our online planning tools help you plan your entire event & reception the way you want it and custom playlists are easily created that give us exactly what you want to hear, kinda want to hear, and definitely don’t want to hear. We do take requests as well but we stick to the policy that this day is your special day and we make sure the songs played are appropriate for your tastes, requests, and crowd. If there is ever a question of a song being played we will make sure you are the first to advise what you want played. We believe that a thoughtful mix of pop favorites, hip-hop bootyshakers, Motown classics and timeless standards are a fun part of our receptions but we are also well known for being professional club remix artists who know how to keep a continuos flow of music going that fits the mood, and flow of the reception at the exact moment.


We often hear that you should choose a company that specializes in weddings only, but we are different in that all of our DJs are established club, concert, & touring DJs as well as wedding professionals with years of experience performing at clubs and weddings. We believe our ability to read crowds weekly and rock out with hundreds of people dancing at nightclubs in the Midwest and performing at hundreds of weddings makes us the perfect combination of time tested DJ & wedding professional. The companies who say different, say so because they don’t have DJs talented enough to do both. Our DJs are super-talented “Name Brands” in and of themselves and totally music-obsessed. We keep track of whats hot from yesterday and today and because we are constantly performing 3-5 times a week we know what works well on a dance floor and what doesn’t. On average our top DJs perform at over 150-200 events per year each, including weddings. That kind of talent, dedication, practice, and knowledge helps us to deliver an amazing event every time!

We understand that it’s your wedding, and it’s all about what you want. We aren’t club DJs who took a wedding “for the money.” We love weddings and are honored to be a part of the big day. We work closely with your other vendors to make sure that the event goes off perfectly.  Our clients value entertainment and see the advantages of detailed planning, face-to-face, with a talented, attentive, and well-trained entertainment and production expert to create astonishing results.  Your wedding day is so much more than “just” a party; Fort Wayne Party is so much more than “just music.” We look forward in working with you every step of the way.